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Casa Toro 88 is an homage to my family. La Familia Toro like many other families in Mexico, came from strong men but especially from stronger women. They are the pillar of our family, they are warriors, healers, builders, fighters, and educators, they nourish our bodies and our souls. Women are the pillar of our society and we honor them all. For my Mother, for my Aunts, for my Cousins and Sisters, and for my Grandma! We cook their recipes, we tell their stories, we listen to them and we honor them!


Fernando Toro
Born and raised in Puebla City (Mexico). With a passion and big respect for cooking since I was a teenager, I learn how to cook from my Mother and my Grandma. After many years of home cooking I decided to open a food truck (in Puebla City) as a side job, this experience made me realize I wanted to learn how to cook in a more professional... Read More
“Casa Toro 88 completely transformed my daily meals” — James Jameson
“This place belongs to a new generation of creative restaurants” — Alice Abigale
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